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Science & Environment

10% of Western America's Ozone Comes From China, 15% of Western Europe's from America

Liquid Can Be Made To Jump Off Fibers
Girls Who Have Sex Lose Both Female And Male Friendships, Study Finds; For Males, It’s The Opposite
Quasicrystal Growth Observed For First Time Under Microscope
Fruit Fly Larva Brain Activity Caught On Camera
Selfies Are Linked To Narcissism In Men, But Not In Women, New Research Finds
The brain and music: McGill team graphs regions of the brain responsible for music training and individual skill

In Health

Non-Egg "Mayo" May Need New Name After FDA Warning Letter

Ovarian Cancer Survival Increased 5 Months Overall With Beta Blockers — Study
“Female Viagra” Flibanserin Is Completely Different From Male Viagra
Herpes Test For $9 Approved By FDA
Seniors Get A Free Checkup Every Year Under Obamacare, And It Includes Tests For Several Conditions
25 US States Have Lice Resistant To Over-The-Counter Treatments
Know Your Fats: Trans Linked To Death And Heart Disease, Saturated Not

Opinion & Analysis

Canada Gears Up For Most Heated Election In Over A Decade

In A Visionless Africa, The Colonial Legacy Will Remain
Illegal African Migration Will Continue, And Will Continue To Harm Africa
A New Resolution to Save Southern Italy from Social and Economic Stagnation
Conor McGregor: Irish pride
Greece is heading for the polls: “Yes” or “No”?
Secret exchanges and informal interactions: new report shines light on lobbying in the EU

Photo & Video Journalism
Prague Pride Festival 2015 In Pictures

Prague Pride Festival 2015 In Pictures

Indignation In Mexico Over Killing Of Photojournalist 
Corso Krymská Street Festival – Photo document by Michaela Škvrňáková
The story behind the image: Homeless in Paris
South Koreans mark one year anniversary of ferry tragedy
Mexico’s southern border: An inside look at Central American immigrants in Mexico
The Carnival parade in district Žižkov, Prague

Guest Posts
ScreenHunter_4897 Jun. 08 15.09

The second-most spoken languages around the world

Russia, Ukraine and the West on the psychiatrists couch?
“The story of how I managed to escape death” – GBV in Ethiopia
Was it a changing point in the history of Pakistan? – A Pakistani writes
The Israeli Druze: soldiers and citizens
A Dominican writes: “On the move! Loma Mirada
An Israeli soldier writes: The Judean hills are burning

Arts & Entertainment

Straight Outta Compton Movie Review: Express Yourself

British Library Wants Your Help Decoding Text on Ancient Sword
The Gift: The Thriller That Isn’t
The Face Of A Holocaust Ghetto: Vancover Photography Exhibit
Ronda Rousey Campaigns For Captain Marvel Role
Okko Kamu To Leave Budding Finnish Orchestra
D23 Holds Heaps Of Info For Avid Film Fans

Human Interest

Sexual Harassment In Paris Still An Enormous Problem - Letter

Leading Thalidomide Opponent Dies, Aged 101
Former President George W. Bush shows up for jury duty
Refurbishing Mombasa
Museum of Vancouver’s upcoming exhibition asks the question: What is happiness?
The Carnival parade in district Žižkov, Prague
How to find a real Irish bar

Business and Economy

Many PayPal Users Unable To Access Accounts For Past 5 Days

Chinese Businesses In Italy – CGIA Report
Alphabet, New Parent Organization Will Handle A To Z At Google
CIOs are switching to Microsoft’s cloud even though they think they will pay MORE
New changes in how Facebook shows users newsfeeds
China’s cooling economy sees significant drop in European investment intentions – European Chamber Survey
The sun rises in the East: War, investment and the AIIB

Technology News
Water strider robot

Elegant Hair-Thin Robot Water-Strider Leaps Into Air (Video)

Chryslers can now be hacked, brakes, steering, transmission controlled over internet [video]
Homemade gun-firing drone video prompts investigation into teen pilot [video]
USA challenges Japan to giant robot battle, Japan accepts
Smarter phones that smell, taste and feel great
Nokia 215 – $29 dollar cell phone that will last a month on a charge
The future of drones – 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show

Archery tag

Archery tag rises in popularity

“Last Olympics didn’t reduce human rights violations in China, it increased them” – Human rights groups’ letter warns don’t award China another Olympics
With days to go, human rights groups question whether China should be awarded another Olympic Games
South Korean swimmer attending doping hearing due to failed doping test
Athletic performance varies up to 26% depending on time of day based on individual’s body clock, research finds
World Cup “completely corrupt” – Top MP after reading new dossier
First National Bicycling Day in the Philippines


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