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Russia’s Sanctions Against Moldova: Moldova Thanks Russia’s Closest Trade Partners Belarus and Kazakhstan For Not Joining in Sanctions


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Russia Plans Upcoming Census in Crimea


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Coke, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper Snapper Reported Second Quarter Sales and Profits Showing Consumers Prefer Stevia and Sugar over Aspartame, the Artificial Sweetener in Most Diet Varieties–But Scientists Are Still Debating About Sugar

water shortage


The Biggest Consumers of Water on the Planet are Not Measured for Water Use, New Study Discovers



UN Report: East Ukraine Armed Groups Causing “Reign of Fear and Terror”

global water shortage


Scientists Predict Water Scarcity in 2020 and Global Water Shortage in 2040

water shortage


Most Power Systems Do Not Register Water Usage, New Study Discovers — Will Cause Water Scarcity by 2020 and Water Shortage by 2040


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Some Lies More Destructive Than Others – Study Simulates Various Kinds of Lies and Their Effect on Social Cohesion

Navi Pillay warns East Ukraine Separatists

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UN Warns Foreign Fighters in Ukraine Will Be Brought to Justice for Any War Crimes

first nations


Small First Nations Tribe Evicts TransCanada Pipeline Crew From Land

bread preservatives


Brazil Researchers Solve Bread Mold Problem–Bread Can Now Be Kept at Room Temperature for Two Weeks Without Growing Mold, and Using Natural, Chemical-Free Preservatives

siberian independence

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Siberians Increasingly Consider Themselves Siberians–Not Russians, Want Independence From Russia

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