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US Travel Warning: Exercise Extreme Caution and Leave Libya Immediately, May Be Targetted for Kidnapping, Violent Attacks or Death

bin laden documents


Osama bin Laden Was Killed in 2011 – Documents Seized: up to 1 Million – Released to Date: 17


Headlines, Science

“We Were Playing With Memory Like a Yo-Yo” – Scientists Create and Erase Memories

Great Green Wall

Headlines, World

20 African Nations Together To Build 7,600 KM “Great Green Wall of Africa” Against the Sahara Desert

Gaza Strip

Headlines, World

Complaint Filed at International Court Against Israel for Alleged War Crimes in Gaza Strip


Headlines, World

UN Warns Pro-Russian Separatists in Ukraine Can Be Policed by International Community and Tried in the Hague

greenhouse ap


16-Year-Old Designs Free App To Show Corruption of US Politicians

conflict resolution

Headlines, Science

Agreeing With People the Most Effective Way to Change Their Minds, Study Says


Headlines, Science

Some Countries More Generous Than Others, Says Study, “Own Fault” Also a Factor

transgenerational memory

Headlines, Science

Some Life Experiences Are Passed Down Through Genes – Study


Headlines, World

China Caught Engaging in Mass Fake Twitter Account Campaign Spreading Propaganda About Tibet, While Denying Tibetans Right to Express Their Views

pebble mine epa


EPA Initiates “Blueprint That Will Be Used Across the Country to Stop Economic Development”

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