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Indonesia logging image


Greenpeace Convinces World’s Top Logging Company to End Natural Logging

Ukraine wreckage of Malaysian plane

Headlines, World

Russian News Channel Airs Conflicting Before and After Reports of Suspected Downing of Malaysian Air MH17 [video]

drone developers walk with drone


FAA Holding Back US Drone Industry, While Drone Market Expected to Double to Yearly $11.6bn in 10 Years – Report

solar power

Blogs, Science

Theoretically Speaking, Earth’s Electricity Needs Could Be Met By a 250 KM² Parcel of Unused Sahara Desert


Headlines, World

UN Makes Public China’s Admission of Jailing Tibet Musicians for 6 to 9 Years on Charges of Separatism for Singing Songs

lightning map


Blitzortung! Team Develops World-Wide Maps of Lightning Strikes, Real-Time and Free for Everyone

us military spending


CSIS Report to US Government: How the US Military Can Scale Down Across-the-Board to Create an “Affordable Military” in 7 Years, Overturning Past 10 Years Defense Strategy, Focus on Today’s Two Main Threat Nations


Headlines, Science

Ocean Garbage Mystery: Instead of Expected Millions of Tons, Researchers Find Only 7,000 – 35,000 Tons


Headlines, World

UN to Legislate Against Transnational Corporations Which Violate Human Rights – US and EU Oppose Resolution

global warming

Headlines, Science

Research Looks at Two Northern Oceans Fish Species, One of Which Has Thrived and One Diminished, to Explain the Future of Biological Species in Global Warming

suicide bombing

Headlines, World

42 Percent of Muslims Polled by Pew Research Think Suicide Bombing and Other Violence Against Civilians Are at Least Occasionally Justified

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