Chinese Rocket Crashes in Gobi Desert, Area Sealed Off, Photos Deleted, No Explanation From China

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china rocket explosion in mongoliaA Chinese Aerospace rocket crashed in Bulong Gachaa, in Arbas subdivision of Otog County, Ordos Administrative Region–a remote region in inner Mongolia, Thursday. The rocket caused a large explosion and impact crater, and was witnessed by many local residents.

Mongolians in the area have been evacuated from their homes, according to Chinese news agency Epoch Times.

After the crash, photos were posted on Chinese Sina Weibo social media platform, showing clouds of orange smoke and wreckage bearing China Aerospace logos, but the photos have since been deleted.

The rocket had originally been reported as a missile on social media, but this description was retracted.

China had announced missile launches in Inner Mongolia–one from Northwest Lop Nur region and another from a region to the west of the Alxa League.

download (9)China has not offered any explanation about the crash, and authorities quickly cleaned up the wreckage, according to eyewitnesses.

Chinese officials contacted by other news agencies have reportedly said that there was an incident, but the matter was secret,that there was nothing remaining at the scene, and that authorities were currently looking for the source of the photos posted online.

By Day Blakely Donaldson

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