Ex-CIA Head on Wikileaks: “That’s the World We Live in Right Now”

Wikileaks dumped a large amount of classified CIA documents this week. Thousands of pages detailed how the CIA’s s

New mathematical law found to beautifully explain crowd phenomena

A new law of science has been found to beautifully explain crowd movements for first time. The as-yet unnamed law, whi

Material advantage: new metal matrix may cause marine engineers to switch

Metal sea wreckage might be made to float The development of a new metal matrix composite foam may tip the balance back

Back to the Moon? Trump’s Statement Rouses Spaceheads

When President Donald Trump mentioned “other worlds” in his speech to a join Congress this week, the space c

Fragrances are a woman’s secret, even from her friends

A recent study by Dutch design aesthetics researchers has discovered that women closely guard their fragrance identity t

YouTube TV Announced

YouTube announced Tuesday the coming of YouTube TV, a way to watch the kind of programming people normally watch on tele

Wikipedia Vulnerabilities Explored In New Research

Monopolization of community-based information networks by cartels of a few “super editors” among several ris

Nintendo Sues Tokyo Go-Cart Company for Copyright

3, 2, 1, GO! ~ Not so fast! Nintendo Co. has filed suit against go-cart company MariCar, claiming violation of copyright

3D Printing Against Daesh: “We Will Recreate What ISIS Destroyed”

3D technology comes to the rescue after the destruction of several world cultural treasures by the militant group Islami

Trump Bans Major News from White House Press Briefing, Says All News Sources Should Be Named

President Donald Trump today continued his battle against American media. “They shouldn’t be allowed to use

California Senator Removed from Floor While Criticizing Recently Deceased Lawmaker

Garden Grove Senator Janet Nguyen (R) was removed from the floor by the Senate sergeant-at-arms during her criticism of

New Walt Whitman Novel Found

There’s a “golden age of discovery” going on in the scholarly world, and a whole generation of new sch