Anyone browsing the trucks for sale classifieds might have noticed how Ford F150s have changed over the years, and the new truck for 2017 is no different.

There are a number of new truck features for this Raptor: A V6 engine, a lighter body (500 pounds lighter), a 10-speed transmission, and longer-travel suspension. Those are the main things. The interior of the truck will be about the same.

Raptors were the second high-performance truck introduced by Ford, known as the SVT Raptor in 2010. It caught a lot of attention, particularly among the muscle car crowd, who were looking to buy a new truck with a V8 (the first model had a 411 horsepower 6.2 liter engine).

The first ones only came with SuperCabs, but by the next year, the hi-pro trucks came with SuperCrew cabs.

It was also the first time the word “Ford” was put across the grill of one of the company’s trucks since 1983 (like in the photo above — no one would mistake the truck for any other make).

In 2016, Ford Raptor dropped the “SVT” part of its name. The 2017 model — the price of this new truck hasn’t been announced yet — is still intended to be an off-road pickup truck, but Ford has added what it considers improvements in the way of power, lightness, and suspension.