In the increasing world of improved workplace monitoring through cameras, one of the big debates facing the transport industry is whether or not to install driver-facing cameras in the cabs of vehicles.

Some fleet owners have come out strongly in favor of filming drivers while they work, saying that while drivers don’t like the cameras, companies can find out which drivers text, use cell phones, don’t use seatbelts, and otherwise contribute to unsafety on the road.

Last year, Swift, the third largest carrier in the U.S., outfitted its whole 6,000-truck fleet with forward- and driver-facing cameras.

On the other hand, some question whether a camera facing a driver while he works in an otherwise largely private space is just too much of a burden in terms of inconvenience or imposition.

What’s your opinion, The Speaker readers? And what are some of the strongest points we should all think about when we consider this?

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