Well, Canadians, it looks like Prime Minister-Designate Justin Trudeau will lead Canada after his Oct. 19 win on promises of “real change” — doing things differently and better than Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s conservative government.

Think hard about it. What do you expect of Trudeau during the next 4 years?

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Some of the top issues publicly addressed by Trudeau:

  • Aboriginal peoples
  • Economy
  • Energy and the environment
  • Foreign policy
  • Health care
  • Jobs and affordability
  • Syrian refugee crisis
  • Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal

Among the top issues discussed by Canadians not addressed by Trudeau publicly is immigration policy.

… Canadians, what do you expect from Justin Trudeau in the coming year?

(Obviously, this is The Speaker and we want to hear from people all around the world. If not a Canadian, please identify as such e.g. “Non-Canadian here … .”)