Featured here is photographer Arvid Fimreite, who captures amazing scenes of nature around his hometown of Høyanger, Norway, as well as the charming wedding photography for which he is also known. In these photographs, even the man-made seems a part of nature.

Map of locations

“Cuauhtémoc of the Mexican Navy” – taken just after midnight in summer at Balestrand

“On my way home from preparations for a wedding shoot, we drove by Balestrand. This ship was there. Midnight. From the quay beside Kviknes HotelI set up my tripod and shot this photo. The sight was amazing! Balestrand, Norway! Tall Ship Races.”

“The Waterfall” – the local waterfall, shortly before Christmas

“It’s raining a lot on the west coast of Norway, and during these periods the waterfalls are running big. This one is called Haalandsfossen and is located above my hometown, on the mountainside.”

“Høyanger” – above the town of Høyanger, late summer

“I was planning this hike for three months. Waiting for weeks for the right weather forecast. Three friends in my photo club came along on this hike. My hometown Høyanger at night was my goal for the end results. Høyanger is an arm for the large Sognefjorden as you can see from the photograph.”

“2400 Steps” – late summer above the town of Høyanger

“It is 2400 steps up to this mountain and the locals are use this for exercise. The pipes are for turning water into electricity. Down below on the right hand side you can see the brand new power station for the area. Høyanger at the end of the photo.”

“In Memory of the Victims of July 22, 2011” – in the fog at Balestrand

“This picture I took in Balestrand that day a devil took Utøya — in memory of the victims and the bereaved.

“A message of love known by everyone, but it can be repeated!

‘If one man can show so much hatred, think about how much love we all can show.’     – Helle Gannestad”

“Good morning, Jølster” – morning, Jolster

“‘Oh, what a brilliant morning,
For a brilliant day.
Brilliant happiness I can feel:
The happiness and I are together.     – Oscar Hammerstein II’”

Edited by Justin Munce

To see more of Fimreitte’s work, including his wedding photography, visit Arvid Fimreite