Smartphone or gun? A Minnesota company hopes you won’t be able to tell which one their customers are carrying.

The designer of the new cell-phone gun, Minnesotan Kirk Kjellberg, thought of the idea after being called out for carrying a gun in a restaurant. A child saw his concealed weapon and loudly told his mother, and everyone in the restaurant stared at him, according to Kjellberg.

In order to be more comfortable when packing heat, Kjellberg built¬†Ideal Conceal, a .380-caliber two-shot plastic handgun which “hides in plain sight” by disguising itself as a Galaxy S7 phone with a protective case (around 3X5 inches).

Some Americans have criticized the design as being a danger to public security and to children, but Kjellberg has responded that the metal parts of the gun will trigger airport x-ray scans just like other guns, and that “[i]n America, we have lots of children in contact with pistols already,” and there were¬†gun incidents with children before his design.

He said the responsibility lay with people, not the weapons available.

The gun is listed for around $400, and sales are expected to begin in October. According to Kjellberg, over 4,000 people globally have already expressed interest in buying.