3D Printing Against Daesh: “We Will Recreate What ISIS Destroyed”

3D technology comes to the rescue after the destruction of several world cultural treasures by the militant group Islami

Does BC’s Common-Law Marriage Law Violate Canadian Charter Rights?

Can the government tell you that you are married, or is it an individual choice? Canadian issues editorial by Justin Mu

Canada’s Spanking Law?

This year, attention is being focused on the Canadian law that protects parents’ and educators’ rights to discipline

Stunning Høyanger, Norway

Featured here is photographer Arvid Fimreite, who captures amazing scenes of nature around his hometown of Høyanger, No

How to Incorporate a Business in Canada

Incorporating is fairly simple in Canada. It requires that you fill out a form and pay $200. If you want a numbered comp

Watch A Visual Representation Of The Earth Rotating In Space

This javascript-based visual representation of the Earth spinning in space was developed and shared on the website Cod

Canada From Space

From the International Space Station’s 400 km perch, astronauts like New Jerseyite Scott Kelly have been taking im

Watch Earth Live From The International Space Station

This is ISS’s HDEV (High Definition Earth Viewing) experiment —  a live HD stream from several cameras mou

What The World’s Capital Cities Look Like From Space, Part 1

This collection of photographs was taken by the cameras of the International Space Station from it’s orbit at 319

President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau Press Conference in Lima, Peru

Source: White House

Draw a doodle and let Google AI guess it

Can a neural network learn to recognize doodles? See how well it does with your drawings and help teach it, just byplayi

Giving the internet a voice – Listen and type

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