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Breastfeeding the Best Thing a Mother Can Do – UN

Ebola gloving up

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“When Well-Managed, an Ebola Outbreak Can Be Stopped” – UN with Affected Nations Launch Joint $100 Million Response Plan


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Coke, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper Snapper Reported Second Quarter Sales and Profits Showing Consumers Prefer Stevia and Sugar over Aspartame, the Artificial Sweetener in Most Diet Varieties–But Scientists Are Still Debating About Sugar

bread preservatives


Brazil Researchers Solve Bread Mold Problem–Bread Can Now Be Kept at Room Temperature for Two Weeks Without Growing Mold, and Using Natural, Chemical-Free Preservatives


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Superfoods: New Study Lists–and Ranks–World’s Healthiest Fruits and Vegetables

Health Radio

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Mali Begins Radio-Based Health Education

breast cancer

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Cholesterol Drug Proven to Halt and Kill Breast Cancer Cells Offers New Promise


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Mosquito Populations Can Be Decimated With a New Procedure, Causing Hopes of Total Malaria Eradication


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Afghanistan Opium Up 66 Percent to $3 Billion, Poisoning US Efforts in Afganistan

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Universal Typeless Blood Substitute Being Developed at University of Essex


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Wild Poliovirus International Spread “Extraordinary” After Near-Eradication of Virus Last Year, WHO Says

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