Inching Closer to Invariable Totalitarianism

A week ago, I received the rather unexpected Canada Census slip in the mail, with the all-too-well known, yet still alar

Jamala’s Victory

I have learned not to blow Eurovision out of all proportion. However the victory which was gained by Susana Jamaladynova

From Requiems to Republics: Seamus Heaney, Pablo Neruda and 1916

Easter Monday in Ireland will mark the centenary of a failed rebellion against British rule in Ireland, while April will

Crimean Tatars – The Struggle Of A Nation

It is three o’clock at night. Your front door is being knocked on heavily. Not completely awake, you come closer t

The Real Reason For China’s Slowdown

Central Banks manipulate the price of money using several different tactics for controlling interest rates. One of those

Elections In Turkey – The Country Of Dilemmas 

Western or Eastern, European or Asian, modern or traditional, secular or religious? Having struggled between many oppos

Canada Gears Up For Most Heated Election In Over A Decade

Canada is gearing up to vote in what many believe will be the most heated election in over a decade. This will be the

In A Visionless Africa, The Colonial Legacy Will Remain

Corruption continues to flourish in Africa because of small and selfish elites whose interests are served by such fraud

Illegal African Migration Will Continue, And Will Continue To Harm Africa

Pressure on the borders of the European Union under the weight of illegal migration from Africa will continue unabated

A New Resolution to Save Southern Italy from Social and Economic Stagnation

A few days before the beginning of August vacations, the center-left government of Italy, lead by Matteo Renzi, announce

Conor McGregor: Irish pride

This Celtic warrior personifies Ireland Conor McGregor is the white Muhammad Ali. I say this because of what the America

Greece is heading for the polls: “Yes” or “No”?

In a few hours Greece will be heading to the polls to answer the question, “Should the plan of agreement, which was su