New mathematical law found to beautifully explain crowd phenomena

A new law of science has been found to beautifully explain crowd movements for first time. The as-yet unnamed law, whi

Material advantage: new metal matrix may cause marine engineers to switch

Metal sea wreckage might be made to float The development of a new metal matrix composite foam may tip the balance back

Back to the Moon? Trump’s Statement Rouses Spaceheads

When President Donald Trump mentioned “other worlds” in his speech to a join Congress this week, the space c

Fragrances are a woman’s secret, even from her friends

A recent study by Dutch design aesthetics researchers has discovered that women closely guard their fragrance identity t

Wikipedia Vulnerabilities Explored In New Research

Monopolization of community-based information networks by cartels of a few “super editors” among several ris

Confirmed This Week: Earth Has a “Second Moon”

About Earth’s New Little Moon After putting in its time, an asteroid called “Asteroid 2016 HO3” has no

High School Barbi Discovers New Geometric Theorem

10th grader’s work praised by MIT mathematician Although high school student Tamar Barbi prefers drama to math, sh

How Pollution Is a Relationship Globally

How Earth’s air — and the material in our air — is shared around the world was recently illustrated by Dutch rese

Inflatable Space Module Set For ISS Mission

Bigelow Aerospace’s inflatable BEAM module — a new lightweight activity module, part of Bigelow’s con

Octopuses Turn Black, Posture Aggressively To Intimidate Each Other

A recent study of octopuses off the coast of Australia has discovered that — despite usually being considered a so

Venus Flytraps: Scientists Discover How They Work

An accumulation of action potentials is behind Venus Flytraps’ “decision” to keep closed and start pro

Agricultural Researchers Propose Agri-CERN, Europe-Wide Community Of Shared Research And Equipment

ECOFE (European Consortium for Open Field Experimentation), a network of agricultural resources at various locations aro