Dubai to Have Flying Driverless Cars This Summer

In a few months, the UAE will have flying driverless cars, according to Dubai’s transport authority. They’ve

3D Printing Against Daesh: “We Will Recreate What ISIS Destroyed”

3D technology comes to the rescue after the destruction of several world cultural treasures by the militant group Islami

Al Jazeera: News Site Steals Code?

A scrolling storytelling platform, Scrollytelling, is now filing DMCA against news organization Al Jazeera for allegedly

Facebook Explains How It Picks What to “Trend”

Facebook this week published a blog post in its newsroom in response to recent accusations that the social network promo

BattleBots Returns to TV

ABC’s reality robot battle show BattleBots, which first hit the air in 2000, will be returning to “BattleBox

Paper-Inspired Bike

Industrial and product designer Pei Wuyang set out to create a bicycle without considering function first. Instead, he h

Google Selling Robotics Company

According to reports, Google is selling its robot tech company Boston Dynamics, famous internet-wide for its videos of p

Swedish Publishers Join Forces to Block Internet Users Who Use Ad-Block

Ninety percent of Sweden’s publishers are mounting a countner-offensive against ad blockers. The operation will be

Google May Be Flagging Adblock Users, Denying YouTube Access

Internet users are reporting YouTube is displaying “An error has occured” while those users attempt to view

Amazon Website Goes Down

Amazon’s website,, went down Thursday briefly, displaying the following message:   The cause of th

VIPP Modular Cabin

The basis of this modular cabin by Danish companay VIPP is not a structure with a “seemless connection with natur

Solar-Powered Sailing? This Boat Won the Designers First Prize

Sailing is already pretty economical, I think. Engines are used, but only when necessary, and engines aren’t the idea,