Couple Arrested Over ‘Peeping Tom’ Drone Videos

An Orem, Utah couple in their thirties has been charged with allegedly using their drone to take videos of people in the

Munich Shooting Actually Didn’t Have Ties to Anders Breivik — German Investigators Change Their Minds About the Link

German investigators in the case of Munich mass shooter David Ali Sonboly, who early on stated that the man was linked t...

Wurzburg Video Message Warns of Attack

The video, released by the Islamic State shortly after the train attack in Wurzburg, Germany, has been confirmed by the

Ireland Most Affected by Brexit: More Than Any EU Country

Ireland was projected to be the EU’s fastest growing economy in 2016. The European Commission put Ireland’s

Methamphetamines Should Be Removed From List of Narcotics – Thai Justice Minister

The Kingdom of Thailand’s strict stance on illicit drugs is world-famous, but this week the Justice Ministry came

Dalai Lama: “Now Too Many Refugees in Europe”

The exiled spiritual leader of Tibet, the Dalai Lama, spoke to German press this week about his current situation, also

17 Schoolgirls Die in Northern Thailand Fire

At least seventeen girls aged five to 12 died in a fire in northern Thailand Sunday night. The fire began at approximate

Scottish Police Jail Man For Funny YouTube Video … of Teaching Pet Dog Nazi Salute

A Scottish man was arrested and put in jail for “suspicion of hate crime” after police saw a video the man

News of Another Self Immolation in Tibet Reaches Outside World

March protest just confirmed due to communications clampdown in area Sonam Tso, a mother of five, carried out a self-imm

Islamist Violence Numbers This Month: March

In the month preceding April 1, 024 people were killed and 1,498 injured. The attacks — 133 total — took place in 2

Warring President and Vice President Making Peace, Forming Government in South Sudan

War in the world’s youngest nation, South Sudan, may be drawing to a close, as rival leader and former vice presid

Norway Appealing Ruling in Favor of Breivik

The government of Norway is appealing the verdict delivered last week that found that the state did violate political ma