[BRIEF] Tibetan student Lhamo Tashi self immolated outside of a police office in Tsoe city, Kanlho TAP–the first self immolation in Tibet since April. Tashi is the seventh self immolation in Tibet this year, and is the 138th self immolation in and around Tibet since 2009, when the wave of Tibetan self immolations began in protest of Chinese rule over Tibet.

Tashi self immolated at midnight, September 17.

ScreenHunter_943 Sep. 22 12.51The news was reported Saturday by Jigme Ugen, president of the Tibetan National Congress.

Security police informed the family of Tashi of his death. The family reside in Drukdo village, Amchok township, Kanlho Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.

Family members traveled to Tsoe to request the body of Tashi, but were told that the body had already been cremated. Some ashes were given to the family.

It is not currently known whether Tashi left a testament or said anything during his self immolation.

Tashi, 22, was a student in Tsoe.

By Day Blakely Donaldson