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Brazilian Policeman Shoots Street Vendor Dead When Man Tries to Grab Pepper Spray Can From Police Officer [graphic video]

Brazilian Policeman Shoots Street Vendor Dead When Man Spray Paints Police Officer [graphic video] (2)

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, a paramilitary police officer shot dead a street vendor when the vendor attempted to grab a can of pepper spray held by the officer. The officer was in the process of arresting another man on the sidewalk with three other officers when the incident occurred.

The vendor tried to grab the can from the officers hand, and in the process of grabbing the can, pepper spray was released from the can. The officer fired his pistol at the vendor, who ran approximately 20 feet before falling dead in a pool of blood.

The vendor, Carlos Augusto Muniz Braga, was lamented by his wife.

“Why does the government deploy police unprepared to deal with the people–and how will I now take care of my three children?” said Claudia Silva Lopez.

Also among the bereaved are three children, aged 4, 9 and 12 years.

Claudia Lopez was not allowed to view her husband’s body.

Carlos Lopez was not working at the time of the incident. Reportedly, he was just passing through on his way to pick up one of his children from school when he noticed the three officers arresting another vendor.

The officer has since been arrested, according to the mayor of the city.

Brazil is known for having a high incidence of death during arrest. In comparison with the United States, where 1 in 32,000 arrestees are killed by police, Brazil has a rate of 1 in 229.

The number is considered to be higher still, however, as many people go missing unaccounted for. In 2013, over 5000 people went missing in Rio de Janeiro.

By James Haleavy


  1. To those commenters who pointed out that it was in fact the police officer who was holding the (pepper) spray can, and the vendor tried to grab it, and was shot, thank you.

    That is what happened.

    Upon time of reporting (breaking news), it was being said that the man held the canister. Our mistake.

  2. Anonymous

    The man tried to take the can of OC from the officer. Incidentally he sprayed a bit of it, and subsequently got shot.

  3. Anonymous

    Dear James Haleavy, before writing a story, you should probably get all the facts. The vendor never pulled out a can of spray paint, he attacked the officer who was holding a gun in his right hand and a pepper spray canister in his left. The vendor attacked the left hand with the pepper spray, the cop’s reaction set off the spray (hence why the spray was towards the vendor, not the police) and then the cop swung his arm around with the gun and shot the vendor.

  4. Anonymous

    Yea cops carry spray paint on their duty belts. Do you guys just watch videos on the internet and make things up as you go along?

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