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Uganda War Plans Leaked

Ugandan war plans detailing wide-ranging actions against South Sudanese rebels, currently fighting South Sudanese government troops, were leaked by the South Sudan News Agency Wednesday. The report disparaged the East African authority EGAD, and included a timeframe for beginning of the attack.

“These rebels are a threat to our general security, and they must either surrender or face being wiped out completely; this is the only way that will force Riek Machar’s fighters to give up fighting”, read the document.

The document also marked the best time to carry out the operation against the rebels in South Sudan.

“The best time to execute this plan is either at the end of this coming December 2014 or early next year,” read the manuscript.

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The manuscript revealed several details of the Ugandan plan. The force that would attack the rebels included Ugandan, South Sudanese and other undisclosed Great Lakes region entities.

The document disparaged the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD). According to the document, IGAD was occupied by misguided foreign agents–not named by the document–and stated that peace negotiations in Ethiopia had become “useless.”

“Uganda and the Great Lakes Region must not allow Riek Machar to take power from the democratically elected president. We cannot rely on these IGAD-led useless peace talks”, read the manuscript.

South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) gained access to the document Wednesday. The agency has said that although the document does not refer to South Sudanese President Salva Kiir by name, the term “democratically elected president” is a reference to Kiir.

The plan, if implemented, would further and more broadly destabilize the East African region, according to SSNA. Other regional players may be placed in a position from which they would stage “counter-offensives,” the agency stated.

Ugandan forces are currently fighting alongside government troops in South Sudan, although this military presence has been controversial since Uganda interfered in the South Sudanese conflict weeks after it began in December, 2013. Uganda has refused US and international calls to withdraw from the conflict, reasoning that its aid was requested by South Sudan.

By Justin Blakely Munce

Photo: UK Ministry of Defence

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