Tamar Barbi

10th grader’s work praised by MIT mathematician

Although high school student Tamar Barbi prefers drama to math, she has recently been praised by an MIT mathematician for her work discovering a new theorem.

The Israeli teen first realized the theorem while doing homework. The method she was using to solve a problem didn’t yet exist.

“I checked with my teacher, Sean Gabriel-Morris, I asked relatives abroad who are involved with mathematics, and I consulted my parents,”said Tamar, “and I realized that the theorem really didn’t appear anywhere, even though it’s very logical and basic.”

What is the theorem? It’s called the “Three Radii Theorem.” If three or more lined extend from a single point to the edge of a circle, then the point is the center of the circle and the straight lines the radii.

Tamar’s math teacher helped research and prepare the theorem, and they sent it to an MIT scholar. He wrote back that the theorem “provides elegant proof for other important mathematical theorems.”

However, despite being in the highest matriculation track available in Israel, Tamar said that she sees herself working in theater arts in the future, not maths.