Back to the Moon? Trump’s Statement Rouses Spaceheads

When President Donald Trump mentioned “other worlds” in his speech to a join Congress this week, the space c

YouTube TV Announced

YouTube announced Tuesday the coming of YouTube TV, a way to watch the kind of programming people normally watch on tele

Kissinger and Shultz Won’t Endorse Trump

Former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and George Shultz have now said they won’t endorse Trump, the nominee

Alcohol Sales Before Vote Punishable Offence as Thai Referendum Draws Near

Starting Saturday evening, no alcohol can legally be sold in Thailand, in accordance with the country’s new Refere

Munich Shooting Actually Didn’t Have Ties to Anders Breivik — German Investigators Change Their Minds About the Link

German investigators in the case of Munich mass shooter David Ali Sonboly, who early on stated that the man was linked t...

Wurzburg Video Message Warns of Attack

The video, released by the Islamic State shortly after the train attack in Wurzburg, Germany, has been confirmed by the

Dallas Shooting Only One of Five Attacks on Police in Two Days

Thursday night’s attack on white police in Dallas was the worst of five shooting attacks over the course of two d

US Investigating First Auto-Pilot Car Crash Death

A collision in Florida in which a self-driving vehicle hit a tractor trailer making a turn at a highway intersection is

Confirmed This Week: Earth Has a “Second Moon”

About Earth’s New Little Moon After putting in its time, an asteroid called “Asteroid 2016 HO3” has no

Iceland Bringing More Than Football to Euro 2016

It’s become journalistic shorthand to describe Iceland’s impact at Euro 2016 as ‘volcanic’, but the team’s suc

Methamphetamines Should Be Removed From List of Narcotics – Thai Justice Minister

The Kingdom of Thailand’s strict stance on illicit drugs is world-famous, but this week the Justice Ministry came

Family Members Say Shooter Not Particularly Religious But Was Offended by Homosexuality

Omar Mateen was a 29-year-old man who killed 50 people Sunday — mostly or all gays — in an Orlando nightclub