Industrial and product designer Pei Wuyang set out to create a bicycle without considering function first. Instead, he held up the slogan of “Form inspires function” when cutting and bending paper shapes into a bicycle.

Pei created a set of streamlined paper-constructed shapes — models for the parts of a bicycle assembly. These parts were dominated by long ribbons of white paper, curved over and taped to a flat surface, forming twisting arcs.

The designer then filled in the shapes to make them more solid looking.

He then integrated the wheels into the twisted paper frame. The wheels were also paper, as was the handle bar he attached next.

From that general form, Pei created a combination 3D / 2D model, part paper shapes, part paper background with hand-drawn shape silhouettes.

Finally, he constructed a bicycle out of the design he had created. Not only is the shape unlike other bike frames, the pedal concept is different as well, as you can see from the image. Instead of the traditional chained gears you find on pedal bicycles, Pei’s bike design employs two gear-like hoops, one inside the other. Needless to say, this model does not ride.