Juba – Opposition political parties will have to take to legal measures to compel the government from holding the 2015 general elections as the conditions will not allow for free and fair vote, according to Dr. Lam Akol, the leader of SPLM-DC.

“Before elections, we are going to take all legal measures to persuade them. It is not the right thing to do. We are not going to fold our hands and wait,”Akol said during the official opening of SPLMDC new premises in Juba today.

He said conducting the elections at the moment would be against the Election Act, and accused the electoral commission of being dragged into politics.

Akol added that the elections for caretaker governors in some of the states of South Sudan such as Jonglei, Lakes have not been conducted according to the constitution, which only gives six months for caretaker governors. “The fact that it has not be done for the governors means it is not possible for the general elections,” said Akol.

According to him, as political parties, peace is a priority at the moment and elections will be conducted later.

He also said 17 political parties had presented a paper a long time ago on resolving the country’s crisis though the government have barred them from attending the Addis Ababa talks.

The SPLMDC leader said despite lots of oil money amounting to 13 billion dollars, bi-lateral support and the 2005 Oslo donors’ conference, nothing in terms of services is being seen. “The SPLM has failed to provide a programme to run our country,” said Akol.

Akol called the 1.5 billion allocated for the conduction of elections meaningless since the Government is unable to feed its people than hurrying for elections insearch for legitimacy.

“Let us concentrate on working for peace,” Dr. Lam Akol urged on the Government.

The leader of minority who is from SPLMDC in the national legislative assembly, Onyoti Adigo, attacked the Government’s demand for elections in 2015 saying it is unacceptable and no one will accept.

He said peace is paramount and urged the warring parties both the Government and the SPLM in opposition rebels to prioritize it.

By Moi Julius
Photo: Apiliga