RUMBEK, South Sudan — Lakes State Minister of Agriculture Philip Kot Job has received 31,000 liters of fuel for tractor cultivation for 2015.

“I have informed the farmers of Lakes State that we have received our fuel, which had been in Juba for over a year,” the minister said.

“We have received now 31,000 liters and we are trying to put this quantity into a deposit so that it is kept until April 2015.”

Farmers will be organized and will be supported with this fuel, the minister said.

He added that this fuel is mainly to deal with issues of food security because we are the region is trying to improve the lack of food and is bound to bring food items from outside into the state.

“The policy of national government — which says agriculture comes first — that is why we are serious to see that this year is for cultivation,” he explained.

“So our people must really concentrate on cultivation, starting from H.E. the Governor to the lowest citizen in the state here,” the minister added.

“This is information for all the citizens of Lakes State that we are now serious that this year is good for digging so that we can free ourselves from salvation.”

He added that those who have their own tractor should come and have fuel up at any time.

Job also advised Lakes State’s citizen to concentrate on agriculture rather than fighting.

“We will not be friend to hunger this year, but if we are not serious it will get away from us because our thinking is too low in terms of farming,” he explained.

“The first priority in my plans as Minister of Agriculture is cultivation; we will not be stable if agriculture is not reorganized in this country,” he said.

By Makuac Thok