Month: June 2014

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Headlines, Technology

Ten-Year-Old CG Girl “Sweetie” Used to Collect Identities of 1,000 Online Sex Predators From Chatrooms

south sudan

Headlines, World

South Sudan Crisis Could Not Have Been Predicted, Says UN Envoy, Preparing Step Down From Leadership in South Sudan

Transcranial magnetic stimulation

Headlines, Science

Duke University Scientists Create Method to Measure the Effects of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on the Brain, Offering Hope of Improvements in TMS Therapy


Business, Headlines

Fracking Can Be Banned by Local Communities, Says New York’s Highest Court



Albania Granted EU Candidate Status

immigrant prisons


Three Corporations Manage All of US’s Illegal Alien Prisoners in 13 Prisons, Net $4bn and Pay Executives Over $19 Million

asylum seekers

Headlines, World

Two Days After News Australia Has Highest Number of Citizens Fighting Jihad with ISIS, Extraordinary, Unseen Months-Old Government Video Emerges Threatening Asylum Seekers


Grandson of Faygo Soda Suing the Family Business Over Ageism


Headlines, World

Azerbaijan, Leader of Council of Europe, Called on to Address Its Human Rights Abuses


Editors’ Picks, Headlines, Science

Teleportation Accomplished by Netherlands Physicists


Headlines, Health

Superfoods: New Study Lists-and Ranks-World’s Healthiest Fruits and Vegetables

weather forecast

Headlines, World

World’s Most Authoritative Global Weather Forecast Service Becomes More User-Friendly

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