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bill murray

Bill Murray Confirms New Role In Wes Anderson Film

A new Wes Anderson-directed picture will feature the return of actor Bill Murray to the cast. Murray will provide the voice of a dog in a the stop-action…


Kate Winslet Admits She Could Have Saved Di Caprio At End Of Titanic

In one of the biggest-grossing films of movie history, Kate Winslet’s character Rose bid a farewell to DiCaprio’s character Jack — a farewell that left many movie-goers in tears. Now, 20…

my french film festival

My French Film Festival: How Cinema Is Changing

The My French Film Festival has been running for six years. It features movies in and out of competition, with juries, awards, and screenings in theatres and online….

Guns and Roses

Axl Rose Confirms Guns N’ Roses At Coachella

Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose confirmed rumors Monday that the original Guns N’ Roses would reunite and play the Coachella festival in 2016. The hard rock singer…

Leonardo DiCaprio Expresses Fear Of Chinooks

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who filmed the historical adventure picture ‘The Revenant’ in Alberta and British Columbia this year, recently commented on his northern experience at a Q&A, expressing…

The Revenant

BC-Filmed DiCaprio Movie ‘The Most Difficult Any Of Us Have Ever Done’

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest starring role — the first limited release of the film will air this Christmas to be followed by nationwide releases in January — was a process unlike…

John Howland

Pilgrim Who Fell Overboard During Mayflower Voyage Went On To Populate The Nation

Man overboard! One of the grandfathers of the American people fell off the Mayflower in the middle of the Atlantic during a gale, but managed to grab a…

Vancouver Art Gallery

Vancouver Art Gallery: So Far, Biggest Voting Segment “Really Can’t Stand It,” Want It Stopped

The design for the new Vancouver Art Gallery has been published, and although so far opinions are split widely about designers Herzog & de Meuron’s vision, the largest…

The Gallien Girl

Splendour And Misery: Painting Prostitution At The Musée d’Orsay In Paris

PARIS — Women of the night and their artistic impact is the subject of a major exhibition at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. The show focuses on prostitution seen through the eyes of…

Tatsumi Kimishima

Tatsumi Kimishima: New Nintendo President

In a press conference at the Osaka Stock Exchange in Osaka, Japan, newly appointed Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima spoke to reporters regarding the state of the company and…

Mona Hatoum Twelve Windows

5 Artworks Not To Miss At Centre Pompidou’s Latest Exhibition Of Mona Hatoum

Born in Beirut in 1952, Mona Hatoum is of Palestinian descent and British nationality. This latest exhibition of an unprecedented scale has gathered over 100 works of this…

Latin Fire Fails To Ignite

A mixed bag of images fails to hold your attention