Apple Talking of Returning to US Amid Trump Policy Statements

According to Nikkei Asia Review, iPhone assemblers in the East — responsible for producing 200 million phones per

4chan Going Broke, Possible Changes Coming Up

Internet sharing and discussion website 4chan, widely noted for it’s uncensored content which is often considered

Huge Gender Pay Gap – Males Paid 75% Less in Modelling

A female could make up to $52,000 for walking in a top show, but a male? Only $13,000. The highest paid female model mad

Twitter Looking to Sell

“There is a valuable idea inside Twitter. But Twitter won’t be the company that realizes it,” Paul Gra

4 Top Banks To Create New Digital Currency

UBS, Deutsche Bank, Santander, and BNY Mellon are working on a new blockchain-based digital currency. Currently, the new

Saudi Oil Is Going Public – Biggest IPO in History

The Saudi Arabian Oil Co., or Aramco, with an estimated value of over $2 trillion, is going public. The exact value of

Birkenstock Pulls All Products from Amazon, Cites “Impossible” Business Practice German shoe company Birkenstock is the first major b

How to Change Currency Without Paying Exchange Rates

This money tip was pioneered by Norbert Schlenka of Libra Investment Management on Salt Spring Island, B.C., and it’s

Are State-Owned Banks a Win-Win?

Focusing on the recent success of the Bank of North Dakota, talkshow host Thom Hartmann has raised the question of wheth

Clothing and Accessories Became #1 Online Sales Category for First Time

According to comScore, which released a chart on 2015’s online sales, clothing and accessories was the top selling

Gun Invented That Folds to Look Like Cell-Phone to Avoid Detection in Public

Smartphone or gun? A Minnesota company hopes you won’t be able to tell which one their customers are carrying. The

Did Oil Prices Just Hit Bottom? – IEA Thinks So

According to the International Energy Agency, oil prices may have passed their lowest point. Declines in production and