Nintendo Sues Tokyo Go-Cart Company for Copyright

3, 2, 1, GO! ~ Not so fast! Nintendo Co. has filed suit against go-cart company MariCar, claiming violation of copyright

The Week: First Week of February

U.S. Trump made an executive order for “strong vetting” of immigrants from seven countries — Iran, Ir

The Week – Fourth Week of January 2017 (First Week of Trump Presidency)

U.S. President Trump has said he will not release his tax returns, despite repeated promises during his election campaig

Japan Has Standardized Toilet Function Pictograms Now

The association of Japanese toilet makers announced the symbols they will collectively use as a standardized language f

Municipal Parks in Saudi Arabia Spray-Painted Green for Visit by Prince

For the occasion of a visit by Sheikh Faisal Bin Khaled, Emir of Asir province, January 11, in Majardh city, municipal w

Top Stories – Third Week of January

U.S. Donald Trump, in a peaceful transfer of power, took over the office of the presidency Friday. His speech lasted aro

Top Stories – Second Week of Jan. 2017

WORLD Germany set up a banking whistleblower portal. Read more. More headlines about improvements and big numbers for al

Duterte Orders Preparations: ‘Whether you like it or not, the new war coming is Terrorism’

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has called the “War on Terror” the “new battle government should prepare for.

Top News Stories for the First Week of 2017

U.S. Four non-white young adults tied up and tortured a disabled white young man, forcing him to speak against Trump and

America Shifts Stance, Allows New UN Bill Putting Israel in Violation of International Law

The United States, at Saturday’s UN meeting, abstained from voting in support of Israel, which most observers cons

Duterte’s Narco List Contains Around 10,000 Government Officials and Others

Presidential Chief Legal Counsel Sec. Salvador Panelo said today that a list of “around 10,000 names” is bei

Castro Dead

Cuban state media are reporting that 90 year old Fidel Castro has died. The leader of the Cuban revolution passed away i