YouTube TV Announced

YouTube announced Tuesday the coming of YouTube TV, a way to watch the kind of programming people normally watch on tele

New Walt Whitman Novel Found

There’s a “golden age of discovery” going on in the scholarly world, and a whole generation of new sch

AuthaGraph: A More Authentic World Map View Wins Design Award

Better than Mercator could do? And at a time when these problems are finally important? The Mercator map is known to hav

Rape Comedy Picked for Oscars Race

Too amoral for American actresses? The film, a hit at Cannes this year, is France’s submission for the foreign-lan

Eddie Vedder Debuts New Song “Out of Sand” to Be Used on Upcoming Twin Peaks 2017 Series

At the Ohana festival in Dana Point, California this week, singer Eddie Vedder debuted a new song, called “Out o

Bon Iver Just Dropped 2 New Tracks on YouTube

Bon Iver’s teaser last month, which contained one line of lyrics, “It might be over soon,” was followe

Suicide Squad Director David Ayer ‘Ripping Off’ Die Antwoord Style, Yolandi Instagrams

After attending the premiere of director David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad,” South African band Die Antwoord

The Forasteros Interview – Music To Make You Dance, Laugh, Sing, Meditate …

The Parque del Buen Retiro is home to the imperial statues of a lost Madrid and the heaving throngs of the present day S

The World Press Photo Exhibition Tour – ‘Inspiring. Engaging. Educating. Supporting.’

The World Press Photo exhibition tour that showcases award-winning photographs is the most popular traveling photo event

City Weezle – Punk, Paris & Singing Tunes

Band leader Simon Fleury reveals his plans for the future and reflects on what the band has achieved so far.

Bill Murray Confirms New Role In Wes Anderson Film

A new Wes Anderson-directed picture will feature the return of actor Bill Murray to the cast. Murray will provide the vo

Kate Winslet Admits She Could Have Saved Di Caprio At End Of Titanic

In one of the biggest-grossing films of movie history, Kate Winslet’s character Rose bid a farewell to DiCaprio&#