Artists That Died Before They Became Famous

Achieving popularity is not as easy as it sounds. Talking about fame, it is very elusive as well as mischievous. You will never know when it will come and when it will go. Even for some people, it arrived after their death. Those people would never know how famous they became. It sounds really interesting. Anyway, if you do not know who these people are, you are in the proper place. Here, we will let you know about the artists that died before they became famous.

Joham Sebastian Bach

It will be completely wrong if we say that Joham Sebastian Bach died before he became famous. Well, he was quite popular as an organist. But, if we talk about the actual scenario, he became very popular as a composer. But, people did not realize this talent until Felix Mendelssohn reintroduced ‘Passion According to St. Matthew’ in 1829. It was one of the greatest compositions of Joham Sebastian Bach who dies in 1750. After that, he has been considered one of the major composers.

Johannes Vermeer

Johannes Vermeer was a Dutch artist who was quite famous in his own city. He did not get fame beyond the boundary of his city throughout his lifetime. Johannes Vermeer used to paint domestic scenes that elaborated the condition of middle-class families. He worked as an innkeeper and art dealer. After his death, his name was completely omitted from the ecosystem of Dutch art. He died in the 17th century but, it was in the 19th century when one of his paintings had been discovered. After that, he was considered one of the greatest masters of Dutch paintings. Even, in 2004, one of his paintings had been sold for $30 million.

Herman Melville

Herman Melville was an American-born writer. Well, he got early success but, with the publication of his 2nd book, his career started going downward. However, he continued his work and at the age of 35, he suffered from the financial crisis. By the end of 1876, he earned only $10,000 selling all his books. However, he still did not get fame and he died in 1891. Well, it was in 1920 when the writer got public attention due to Melville Biography that was written by Raymond Weaver. ‘Moby-Dick’ written by Herman Melville is still considered one of the literary masterpieces.

So, these are some artists who died before they became famous. Therefore, you should never give up because you might become a famous person after you die. With the right tools and consistent effort, no one knows what lasting impact you might make.