Most Interesting Unsolved Art Heists

Well, have you ever visited the site of the Federal Bureau of Investigation? It sounds weird. Anyway, if you visit, you will be able to know much important information. The site consisting of many precious crime gems can actually infuse your mind with some unsolved mysteries. However, it was in 2005, when the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced the list of top 10 art crimes. These are yet to resolve, and they published the list in the month of November. It can be considered a masterstroke from their end. They actually wanted to recover these masterpieces, and they alone could not do this. This is why they announced the list so that people could help them in this regard. People could help the FBI in the process of recovering these masterpieces and bring all those thieves to justice.

If you have the interest to know about the most interesting unsolved art heists, you are in the right place. Here, we have added the list of the most interesting unsolved art heists. So, do not forget to read the following points:

  • Missing Renoir Oil Painting: It was in 2011 when the Renoir oil painting had been stolen in the Houston home during the armed robbery. It is a precious painting depicting a beautiful scene- Madeleine is leaning on with flowers in her hair. It is Pierre Auguste Renoir who made this beautiful painting. The incident took place in the month of September. Well, as per the description of the people, the thief put on a mask and the skin tone is white. Talking about the age, it can be anywhere between 18 and 26. He was carrying a semi-automatic gun with a large caliber. Well, an insurer is actually offering $50,000 for providing the information that will lead to the painting recovery.
  • Van Mieris Masterwork: Van Mieris Masterwork is another most interesting unsolved art heist. This incident took place in the month of June 2007. A self-portrait oil painting by Frans Van Mieris had been stolen from New South Wales’s Art gallery, Sydney, Australia. Well, it happened when the art gallery remained open for the public. If we talk about the value of this oil painting, it is almost $1 million.
  • Snatched- Dali, Matisse, Picasso, Monet: Well, it was on 24th February 2006 when four major artworks had been stolen by the four-armed thieves. It happened in the Museu Chacara do Céu that is located in Rio de Janeiro.

So, these are some most interesting unsolved heists in the fascinating world of art. We hope that you find important information from this.