What Roles Do Animators Play In Modern Blockbusters

Animation is a kind of art that presents an interpretation of life into ever facet of entertainment, such as video games, movies, television shows, advertisements, and even the news. Animators play a key role in this. But these things are not as simple as they sound, so in this article, we are going to tell you the roles that animators play in bringing modern blockbusters to life.

How Animators Work

So, you have got a basic idea of animation as well as animators. Now, we have added the steps of making animation so that you get to know how these animators do their jobs.

  • Creating Story: Before making any animation, the animators need an attractive story, and so the first part of making any animation is to produce a good story. The story usually gets evolved and changed while making the animation and it makes the whole process time-consuming. Therefore, if you go with a well-developed story first, it would be easier for you to achieve a fruitful outcome.
  • Making The Script: One of the most important roles of animators is to put words into the mouth of animated characters and for that animators have to make an attractive script based on the story.
  • Developing Concept Art: After making the script, the role of an animator is to create the visual style of the story and this is otherwise known as visual art. This part is very interesting as here, animators go through all experimental activities.
  • Creating Storyboards: Storyboarding allows the animators to understand the animation as a whole and in this step they get to know the loopholes of their creation. Therefore, we can say that creating a storyboard is one of the most important roles of animators.
  • Thinking About The Assets: Assets play a very impactful role and it gets changed as per the requirement of animation. For 3D animation, animators go with model sheets and concept art and after that they pair them with a 3D skeleton. For 2D animation, they draw characters, background and finally put them into 2D animation software.

After all these things, animators finally get ready for the final product, which we see on digital screens. So, these are the roles that animators play to produce mind-blowing animations.