3 Exercises to Jump Higher

Jumping exercises are great because they push the muscles in the lower part of your body to a higher level. Moreover, they are great for your cardiovascular health. The higher you jump, the more you increase the height that you are falling from. So, if you want to jump higher, try out the following exercises.

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Broad jumps

To jump higher, you simply have to jump. Broad jumps aid explosiveness. To get your muscles more involved, do well to tether a band to a fixed object or post, and ensure the other portion is around your hips. In this case, the band will help pull the hips backward, and you have to jump explosively or broader than normal. You can draw a line on the area where you can jump, and try to push yourself to get further than that in the next round. 

Weighted deadlifts

Deadlifts can help increase the quick-twitch muscle fibers that propel you to jump higher. Use heavier weights with lower reps, and set your goal at five rounds of five reps. In between the rounds, try to get a three to four minutes break. 


Love or hate burpees, but they always come through. Ensure that you are in a high plank position, then jump to meet your feet with your hands as you set yourself into a squatting position. Place your hands on the ground and ensure that your knees are wider than your elbows, then jump back to the plank position. Go low into a push-up, stretch your arms back into a high plank, and repeat.