Try These Healthy Hangover Foods

It is quite evident that many of us love partying, but the after-effects really get to us. One of the most negative aspects of enjoying late-night parties is the hangover.

There are many symptoms of a hangover, such as sensitivity to light, dizziness, headache, dehydration, and many more. The worst part of a hangover is that it hampers our overall productivity.

Research has been done to understand the science behind a hangover. Unfortunately, the exact process behind the hangover is very difficult to understand. However, it is believed that alcohol creates hormonal changes in our body and our immune system. Thus, a hangover triggers different kinds of symptoms.

There is no specific cure for a hangover. But you can have some healthy hangover foods to mitigate the effect of a hangover. We have added them here. Check it out!


Alcohol has the capability to block the production of a particular hormone that keeps our body hydrated. As a result, we suffer from dehydration. The level of sodium, as well as potassium, is decreased in our body, too. Bananas are a good source of potassium, so if you eat a banana, it may help to increase the levels of those vital elements. Ultimately, you will recover from your hangover.


On one side, alcohol creates toxic by-products in our body, and on the other side, it decreases the level of glutathione. Without glutathione, our body cannot breakdown these toxic by-products. Eggs contain amino acids like cysteine that produce glutathione, thus helping to flush the body of potentially harmful elements.


One of the most irritating symptoms of a hangover is a headache. It happens due to the dehydration. This happens when the water level in our body decreases. To help counter this, eat watermelon to get rid of this problem. When dehydrated, blood thickens, tissue constricts, and toxins build up in tissue. Watermelon also contains L-citrulline that enhances the flow of blood.


Hangovers decrease the level of an electrolyte such as sodium. But you can mitigate this problem by eating pickles as it is a good source of sodium. As a result, your sodium levels will increase.

These are some healthy hangover foods that you can try. You can also try and support your liver with supplements formulated to help clear out toxins and support overall health. Integrative Therapeutics, Pure Encapsulations, and Thorne Research are three brands that may be ideal for helping you maintain liver health and wellness after a fun night out. We hope that this article helps you to recover quickly!