What Side Effects Should You Expect with the COVID Vaccine?

The entire world has suffered a lot in the wake of this COVID-19 pandemic situation. But, the good news is that the COVID-19 vaccine has recently been rolled out. Many people have already got this vaccine that is produced with the help of the mRNA platform. The vaccine is highly effective. But, everything has a good aspect and negative aspect, and this vaccine is not an exclusion. The COVID-19 vaccine is reactogenic in nature. It means that the vaccine can cause several changes in our immune system. As it has already been injected into many infected people, the health authorities are observing them to find out any unanticipated physical or mental side effects.

On 15th December, a health worker suffered from an allergic reaction in Alaska after getting the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine. Doctors are of the opinion that it was expected as they already got two similar instances reported by Britain last week. If we talk about the scenario in the United States, it is more protective. The patients who have got the vaccine will have to hang around in the medical center so that they get immediate medical treatment in the case of any side effects.

Expected Side Effects

Whenever a new medical product arrives in the market, allergies have become a major concern. In fact, the patients are suffering from different types of allergies after taking this vaccine. There are different types of COVID-19 vaccines available in the market. If we talk about the side effects, it depends upon the vaccine that you are taking. Currently, Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines are showing side effects. Physical soreness is the most common physical side effect that you will feel. You will feel soreness particularly in the area where the injection is pushed. Apart from physical soreness, you might suffer from headache, fatigue, joint pain, chills, muscle aches, and some mild fever. If we talk about the duration of these side effects, it can last up to 48 hours.

Well, the side effects are expected from a new vaccine. But, the pharmaceutical industry has never seen such a big challenge before. The entire world needs this vaccine to get rid of this pandemic situation. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the after-effects of this COVID-19 vaccine. Moreover, different vaccines are coming up with different types of side effects. The first vaccine that was used in the western countries is made by Pfizer Inc. whereas the second one is made by its competitors, Moderna Inc. No critical safety risks have been found by the Food and Drug Administration till now. But, it is not clearing the entire picture, and therefore, it might take some more studies to find out all the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines.

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