Facts About The Perseverance Rover

Exploration is something that humans like to do. Over the course of time, the 4th planet from Sun has been infusing the minds of humans with fascinating thoughts. Humans believe that there are so many secrets that are actually hidden under the iron-rich soil of Mars and this is why humans want to explore it. Well, there are so many reasons why the Mars Perseverance Rover Mission of NASA is so exciting. It is a kind of revolution in the history of space science research and space exploration. Therefore, we have added certain facts about the Perseverance rover. So, do not miss to run into the following points:

Name of the MissionMars 2020
Core ObjectiveThe core objective or main job of the Perseverance rover is to find out the sign of any ancient life on that planet. Apart from this, it will collect samples of soil and rock and send them to Earth.
Name Of The RoverWell, the name of the rover is Perseverance
Launch Date30th July 2020
Landed18th February 2021
Duration Of This Mission687 days or one Mars year
Tech DemoThe Perseverance rover is paired with a Mars Helicopter

5th Rover To Mars

Well, you might be surprised to know that the Perseverance is the 5th rover sent to Mars. It was in 1997 when the first rover had landed on this red planet. The names of the other rovers that have successfully landed are- Curiosity, Opportunity, Spirit, Sojourner. Perseverance is the 5th rover that has been successfully landed and it will study this planet for the next Mars year.

Look For Ancient Life

Talking about the mission of this rover, well, the core mission of this rover is to find out any kind of sign of ancient life on this red planet. Apart from this, it will collect samples of soil and send them to the earth. It will be studied in order to find out whether humans will be able to explore this planet or not.

Launch Station

Well, this rover has been launched from Cape Canaveral that is an air force station located in Florida. Atlas v-541 rocket has been used. The actual date to launch this rover was in July 2020. But, several mechanical issues and potential contamination problems pushed the launch date back many times.

So, this is all about the Perseverance Rover. We hope that this article will infuse your mind with important information about this rover.

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