Top 5 Things Science Fiction Predicted

Technology is continuously changing and that helps to make life simple. Technology is used in all sectors of business. It allows people to complete tasks quickly. Science-fiction conceives how society works differently. It is the first move towards a process that permits people to envision the future they need. If you are looking for technology and what science fiction predicted, then you have come to the right place. Below are popular technologies that science fiction predicted. 


In 1898, Mark Twain wrote more than the adventures and thrills along the Mississippi River. One of his science fiction stories from this period was published in the London Times, 1904. Mark Twain predicted the telecommunicator. In the story, Twain describes the telecommunication as a device that makes work visible to everyone. Of course, the Internet has predicted by lots of science fiction authors. 

Today all people are using the internet to find more details about the products and services they need. Without any hassle, you can connect from a desktop or mobile phone and search for anything you want. 

Rocket Controlled Flight 

In 1608, Cosmetologist Johannes Keplet imagined the rocket controlled flight. At the time, the public feared that Kepler was evil and wanted this device to transport his non-existent superman. Bishop Francis Godwin has a comparative plane in the year 1638. In the flight, his supermen were living on the moon with animals. 

Credit card 

In 1888, Edward Bellamy created the idea for the credit card. Today, a detailed description of the credit card function. People apply for a credit card at financial institutions. With this card, you make purchases using the credit card companies money, so you don’t have to carry around cash, with the promise of paying it back at the end of the month. If you don’t pay back the money according to the terms of the credit card company, you may be charged interest.

Tablet computer 

In 1968, Arthur C.Clarke predicted the news pad, which perfectly matches the iPad technology of today. When Clarke tired of official reports, the author plugged in his new pad into the information circuit of the ship and scanned for new updates from the planet. People could read it comfortably from their home. Now the tablet computer is available in the market and is used by many people all over the world. 

Video calling 

In 1911, video calling in the book Telephoto was best video calling device. It is used by the heroine to ask for help when she is in danger by a flood. She calls to Ralph from more than four-thousand miles away. But today, many people are using video calls to speak with their friends who live in other countries. There are lots of video calling apps such as Facebook, Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, and others. 

Automatic door, mood-enhancing pills, surveillance, and electric cars are other modern technologies that science fiction predicted.