Most Expensive Barbie Dolls Sold at Auction

Collecting Barbie dolls is something that kids love to do. But, can you ever imagine that the price of those beautiful dolls can reach millions? Well, if you are puzzled, you will not have to worry. Here, we are going to tell you about the most expensive Barbie doll that is ever sold at auction.

Most Expensive Barbie Doll

Well, if we talk about the most expensive Barbie doll, it was sold at the Christie’s auction in New York. It was in 20th October, 2010 when the Barbie doll was sold at a price of 192,000 Euros that is equivalent to $302,500. The Barbie doll is custom-designed, and if we talk about the form factor of the doll, it was almost 12inchs tall. Moreover, the doll is equipped with a strapless evening dress. The colour of the outfit is dark black. It also had a one-carat diamond necklace that is enclosed by three white diamonds. These were three-carat white diamonds and the colour of the diamond that was in the centre was rich pink. Overall, it was very attractive as well as enchanting. Well, the entire money was donated to the charity that was associated with the breast cancer research.

It was in 4th May, 2010 when the doll was first disclosed during a Fashion Week in Australia. The doll’s jewelleries were decorated as well as designed by Stefano Canturi who was a renowned Australian jeweller. Stefano Canturi also made jewelleries for Kylie Minogue, Oprah Winfrey and Nicole Kidman. Mattel, the Barbie manufacturer chose the renowned Australian jeweller to flourish the mega launch of the Basic range products associated with Barbie in Australia. It was featuring Barbie doll putting on the commonly available clothing.

Some Other Expensive Dolls

  • Hair Barbie: Well, this Barbie doll was sold for $160 and it was made in the early stage of 1990. It consisted of hair accessories and styling gel that made it very unique.
  • Pink Splendor Barbie Doll: Well, the hair style is the most attractive aspect of this Barbie doll. There was only 10,000 pieces Pink Splendor Barbie dolls in the world. It was one of the most expensive retail Barbie dolls ever. The original price of this Barbie doll was $900. However, you can get it at $400 on Amazon or EBay.

So, these are some expensive Barbie dolls ever sold. 9th March is observed as the National Barbie Day. So, get a Barbie doll for yourself or your kids on the next National Barbie Day.