Apps Without In-App Purchase To Play While In Quarantine

COVID-19 grips the world, and in our current situation, the best thing that we can do is to self-quarantine. But when we take leave from our busy schedules, every day becomes a weekend, and specific problems arise. When you don’t have work, it becomes challenging to kill time. Well, this is why we have come up with some free applications that you can entertain yourself with in quarantine.

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is one of the best scrabble-based word games that you can play with your friends or any random players. The game is straightforward. You start with a set of letters. With those letters, you have to form meaningful words. During this quarantine, it will not only improve your vocabulary but also add a new dimension to your free time. The application is entirely free, and you can get it from the Google or Apple, depending on which device you use. If you want to play in multiplayer mode, you must have an internet connection on your device. The game also allows you to play in solo mode without an internet connection.

Flow Free

Exercising the mind is the best way to get rid of boredom, and when it comes to quarantine, boredom is something that captures your mind. Well, we understand this, and this is why we enjoy the application called Flow Free. The interface is very user-friendly, and here you need to connect the matching colors using pipes to create a “flow.” Well, the game is not as easy as it sounds. The pipe will be broken if they are crossed. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try today.


Days are gone when we used to play with paper and make 3D models with them. Well, with the advancement of technology, you can still get the same taste in this 21st century. Yes, Paperama is a free application that will take you into a different world where you will be given more than 70 puzzles to solve. The game comes with attractive 3D effects that will add a new dimension to your gameplay. The game is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. So, it does not matter which OS you are using, you will get it on your device’s respective app store.

We hope that this article is helpful for you and you will try one of these applications.