Renaissance Books That Look Good on Your Coffee Table

The Renaissance Era is very popular because of its cultural advancements. It was started in Italy and extended throughout Europe. Basically, the books written in this era are considered as Renaissance books, and here, we will suggest you some Renaissance books that look good on your coffee table.

Hamlet By William Shakespeare

Shakespeare was one of the greatest writers as well as dramatists of the 16th century in England. Literary critics are of the opinion that he brought Renaissance in England through his literary works. Well, Shakespeare wrote 37 plays from 1590 to 1613, and all of his writings are considered masterpieces. But if you specifically want one of his Renaissance books on your coffee table, that must be Hamlet. Yes, Hamlet remains one of the greatest Shakespearean plays of all time. It is a tragic drama that was written between 1599 and 1602. It depicts the emotional conflict, as well as the extreme sides of the protagonist. One of the famous lines of this drama is “to be or not to be,” which shows that the hero has some flaws in these characters. He always finds himself in an ambivalent situation, and this particular aspect makes this drama an eternal masterpiece. Well, the drama consists of many interesting characters, and for knowing more, you must go through it while having your favorite coffee.

Paradise Lost by John Milton

Paradise Lost is an epic poem written in blank verse by John Milton. The first version was published in 1667, having ten books with more than ten thousand lines, and the second version that consists of twelve books was published in 1674. This story shows how Adam and Eve lost their place in Paradise and appeared on Earth. Well, the main reason behind it was Satan’s evil mind. However, the story consists of different layers rich in artistic elements, and we are pretty sure that you would definitely enjoy it. So, don’t forget to keep it on your coffee table.

Utopia by Sir Thomas More

Utopia is a socio-political satirical fiction written by Thomas More. The book was basically written in Latin and published in 1516. One of the most attractive characteristics of this book is its frame-narrative style. The books show a fictional island and various religious, political, and social customs practiced in it.

So, these are some Renaissance books that you can keep on your coffee table.