How Art Becomes a Voice During Times Of Protest

One of the greatest ways to protest is art. It does not generate any violence, and therefore, the outcomes remain fruitful. Art is always considered the uncommitted crime, and consequently, it can change the status quo or equilibrium position of society. Some believe that art has political aspects of challenging existing ideology. But this is not entirely true. Yes, it is a powerful weapon that does not bring any physical damage, but it is mostly used against inequalities, injustice, violence, and oppression.

Art can compel people sitting in the top position and trying to control society to listen to ordinary people’s voices. It can bring change by raising awareness or producing solidarity and knowledge. That is just one reason why it is should be taught in school!

Art has been used to raise awareness and protest for many years. If we go through history, we see different types of arts used to raise voices against oppression, inequalities, and other inhuman acts. Well, conceptual art had been used as an anti-war movement. This art consists of anti-idealistic and non-rational discourse, satire, and more. Along with it, some other forms of art had become the voice during the times of protest. We have highlighted some of them below.

Banksy – The Guerilla Street Artist

Banksy is considered as one of the most popular guerrilla street artists. Banksy has already received global recognition for his satirical, funny, and clever pieces associated with politics. Art is undoubtedly a powerful weapon, and Banksy always points out global issues and global politics. His works have shown what art can achieve if it is utilized properly. Banksy has highlighted several political as well as social themes through his art. It includes anti-consumerism, anti-imperialism, anti-war, and anti-anarchism.

Graffiti Art

Graffiti art is another great way to protest against inhuman acts. It indicates a kind of visual communication that is considered illegal in many countries. In the case of graffiti art, spray-paint is used on a wall, and it is expressive art. It can become a voice during times of protest. Yes, graffiti artists can express powerful messages through this art. Therefore, it is considered an efficient form of social protest.

So, these are some impactful arts that can become voice during the times of protest.