Why Should Art and Music Be Mandatory in Schools?

We are living in a technologically advanced era where science has become one of the most important subjects. You might be surprised to know that without proper knowledge of art and music, a kid does not achieve all-around positive development. Therefore, art and music are very important for the growth and development of youth. However, when it comes to learning art and music, institutions play a very important role. A kid can learn these subjects in community groups or schools.

Some people might ask, why should art and music be mandatory in schools? Well, the answer is straightforward. If students get a chance to familiarize themselves with these subjects from the beginning, their brains will become more functional. They will be more receptive to learning about different cultures, math, foreign languages, reading, and much more.

Research shows that schools having art and music as mandatory subjects have shown higher success rates than other educational institutions where these subjects are not compulsory. However, we have highlighted some reasons why art and music should be mandatory in schools.

Music Boosts The Brain

When it comes to boosting brainpower, music plays a very important role. It stimulates those important parts that are inextricably associates with academic achievement. These are reading, emotional development, math, and many more. We should not consider music as an extracurricular activity. It must be an intricate part of education.

Art Flourishes Academic Achievement

Research has shown that students who are deeply involved in arts are capable of achieving tremendous results. Art improves attendance, attitudes, and ultimately, it enhances academic performance. It also brushes the motivational level, and students always feel motivated as well as energetic.

Develop The Motor Skills

The development of motor skills at an early stage is critical. Fortunately, music and art can help to improve motor skills. If students are facing problems to memorize the assignments or homework, they must learn music. Music improves memory. Along with it, it helps the kids to learn new meanings, sounds, and words. Along with the music, dancing can also help to develop motor skills. If adults are facing the same problems, they can even start learning art and music.

By now, you have probably understood the importance of art and music. But it would help if you also came up with art projects to help students see how they can apply what they have learned. So, these are the reasons why art and music should be mandatory in schools.