Most Valuable Vases Ever Sold at Auction

Among valuable and expensive items, did you know that vases are considered one of the most beautiful things in the world? Now, the question is what makes them very special? Well, you might be thinking it is the floral textures that make them highly attractive. However, this is not completely true. There is a completely different story that makes the vases one of the valuable things.

If you think vases are used just to hold flowers, you are completely wrong. There are many antique vases that reflect the historical background and this particular aspect makes them truly special. There are many vases that are sold at an unbelievable price at an auction. If you want to know about those vases, you are in the right spot. Here, we will be talking about the most valuable vases ever sold at auction. So, do not miss to read on the below-mentioned points:

Qianlong Vase

Qianlong vase is a Chinese vase that is considered one of the most expensive ancient vases ever sold at auction. It belongs to the 18th century and from this, you can easily realize the value of this beautiful vase. Talking about the price, well, it was sold for around $53 million at auction. The vase is almost 16 inches long and now, if we talk about the texture, it is decorated with images of fishes and flowers. Well, the researchers believe that it belongs to a royal family. During the time of the 2nd Opium War, it was taken.

Ming Dynasty Vase

Ming Dynasty Vase is another expensive vase that was ever sold at auction. Talking about this vase, it belongs to the 15th Century Ming Dynasty. It was sold for almost $22.6 million. It was at the Sotheby’s Auction House where this vase was sold. The selling price was lower than the estimated price. It was bought by an anonymous buyer via a telephone bid.

Wanshou Lianyan Vase

It is believed that Wanshou Lianyan Vase was created at the time of the 6th emperor during the time of the Qing Dynasty. It is one of the most valuable vases that was ever sold at auction. The exact date when it was created is yet to know. It was sold for $35 million.

Dragon and Lotus Porcelain Vas

Dragon and Lotus Porcelain Vase is another expensive vase. If you see the vase, you will realize that it has a very attractive color combination. The Last Chinese Royal Family owned this vase. It was sold for around $300,000.

So, these are the most valuable vases ever sold at auction.