How To Protect Your Lungs When Commuting In Polluted Areas

We are living in an era where air pollution is becoming an increasingly major concern. Harmful air particles can damage our lungs. The lungs are one of the most important organs in our body. It is spongy as well as elastic, and a healthy person can take up to 25,000 breaths in a day. We take oxygen through our lungs and into the bloodstream. The lungs also absorb other things in the air. Our body requires oxygen to function properly, and therefore, it is very important to keep our lungs in good shape.

We just cannot start living in the countryside to avoid pollution, and on the other side, we cannot breathe openly in polluted areas. People have been using masks for a long period of time. But will it be enough? Well, we have highlighted some ways through which you can protect your lungs when commuting in polluted areas. So, don’t miss to go through the following points.

Try to Mitigate Your Exposure to Pollutants

Well, mitigating your exposure to harmful air pollutants is one of the best ways to keep your lung in good health. If you have the option, you should definitely avoid highly-polluted areas such as mining and industrial areas. Pollution from mines and industries can damage your lungs badly. Moreover, you should also make an active contribution to reducing air pollution. You should prefer walking instead of driving, and you should consume less electricity. Along with it, you should support those suppliers that deliver clean energy.

Start Doing Breathing Exercise Regularly

Well, you just cannot stop going outside. It becomes very difficult to avoid commuting in polluted areas. Even after wearing a mask, you cannot be 100% safe. Therefore, it is very important to start doing breathing exercises regularly. Deep breathing will make your lungs stronger, and it can also eliminate the toxins in your lungs. Therefore, you should do breathing exercises daily for at least 10 minutes, or you can do this frequently throughout the day for at least one minute. This exercise is inextricably associated with yoga that is extremely helpful for our body and mind.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Our lungs require humid air to work properly, and so, it is very important to keep your lungs healthy and hydrated. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Along with this, you can take respiratory aids, such as those from Plant Therapy and NOW Foods, or another product recommended by your doctor!

So, this is how you can protect your lungs when commuting in polluted areas. We hope that you will follow these suggestions.