Tips for Moving Heavy Items Without Causing Injury

Moving can be expensive and tedious, and people often decide to move to a new home or apartment without the help of movers. If you are moving, here are some tips for lifting heavy objects without injuring yourself.

If someone is not there to help you lift heavy items, at least make sure they are strapped down properly to a dolly or hand truck. Also, never push or pull heavy objects as it will lead to injury. To reduce the chance of injury and damage:

First and foremost, bend your knees and keep your back straight – sturdy posture so you can control heavy items better and avoid injury. Use your legs when lifting heavy items – this will be easier on your back and let you lift heavy objects with ease. Hold heavy items close to your body – it helps control heavy objects and protects you from injury.

Avoid twisting motions when moving heavy items. More than likely, heavy items will make you twist which can lead to lower back pain or even a pulled muscle in the arm if heavy objects fall onto them . If you must turn, slowly twist at your waist instead. This way is less harmful to the spine and prevents injury

Maintain good posture throughout the move so you don’t have pressure on your joints- this could cause damage which leads to injuries while lifting heavy items by yourself . For example, if heavy objects fall, heavy objects can fall on your knees which could lead to big problems.

Make sure heavy items are not too heavy for you before moving them by yourself. Just because something is heavy doesn’t mean it should be moved by yourself . Check the weight limit of whatever heavy item you intend to move and make sure it does not exceed that limit! For example, many Lazy-Susan turntable tables have a maximum weight capacity so they will break if an object exceeds that limit. If this happens, get help rather than hurting yourself trying to move heavy items by yourself without being strong enough to do so.

When in doubt, hire a moving company. Many injuries can be avoided by hiring experienced movers. It’s almost always worth every penny in the long run. If you are moving on your own, be careful when lifting heavy things. Use proper form and take your time! Good luck!