Facts Behind The Science Of Attraction

Despite all of the different dating apps, it has become quite challenging to look for other people because so much of our time is spent at work, learning new skills, or getting advanced degrees. 

Despite all of this, the desire to find that perfect someone hasn’t changed. There are still people out there who will catch your eye. This is attraction, and there is some science behind it. 

Attraction happens when you turn your head to give a second look when seeing someone at the store or on the street. Of course, this is not an exact science. Why one person catches your eye more than another is not fully understood. There are many things that work in our minds, and so, someone becomes more attractive than someone else.

In such a situation, people might think about mainstream beauty. But it is not about external beauty; the science of attraction can work in different ways. Some people can become attractive from the first sight, whereas some become attractive once you interact and learn about them. When someone looks attractive from the very first glance, people call it love at first sight. But is it love or infatuation? Some people believe that love requires time, and so, when someone becomes attractive over time, people call it real love.

However, the clash between real love and idealistic love has been going on for many ages. Shakespeare glorified ideal love, and on the other side, Shaw believed in genuine love. Well, here, we are not going to tell you about this. What we are going to say to you is the facts behind the science of attraction.

Scent Plays a Vital Role

Well, scents play an important role when it comes to the science of attraction. This may be due to one thing, in particular, specifically MHC. MHC refers to the major histocompatibility complex. It is a set of molecules that stimulate the nervous system.

Pets Make You More Attractive

If you have a pet and are walking in the street with your pet, you may attract someone more quickly. Nicolas Gueguen conducted research, and the results were interesting. According to this research, men having pets quickly got the number of women. The study was conducted in 2012, and if we talk about the present time, you might get the Snapchat details of someone if you have a pet.

Attraction is Not Lust

There is a difference between attraction and lust. Lust is entirely sexual, and different parts of our brain generally trigger it. On the other side, attachment and attraction are long-term bonds. These differences seem to be related to serotonin and dopamine.

So, these are some facts behind the science of attraction, and we hope that this article would be helpful for you.