Scariest Planets In The Universe

Many things can frighten us and potentially doom the Earth to extinction. One of them is planets. Yes, we all are quite familiar with the planets that exist in our galaxy and that they are fixed on a path around the sun, so no real existential threat there. But the universe is large, and there are so many unknowns that give us pause. 

Extrasolar planets are those planets not found in our solar system. You can have planets that have an earth-like atmosphere, or you can have planets that are empty or made up of acidic gases that kill anything that it comes into contact with. 

There are also many planets that are wandering in the darkness for many years, potentially flying through space at high speed.

Around 3,730 exoplanets have been confirmed. However, here, we have a brief breakdown of some of the scariest planets in the universe.

CoRot-7 b

CoRot-7 b is 1.5x bigger than Earth, and the orbital period is 20 hours. The planet is 1.5 billion years old. The planet has an intense look, and humans cannot even survive there for a moment. If you compare this planet with ours, you will get to know that the planet is 60 times closer to its nearest star, so the temperature can reach 4,900 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to melt and even vaporize rock. However, the planet is in a locked position where half of the planet has rock-melting temperature, and the rest is bitter cold. The temperature can fall to -392 degrees Fahrenheit on the dark side. This is why it is said that the planet consists of two hells.

GJ 436 b

GJ 436 b is another scary planet and is only 30 Light years away. The overall size is matched by Neptune. The temperature reaches 822 degrees Fahrenheit, so it has no livable atmosphere. However, surprisingly, the planet has water as a solid. This is because of the high pressure of the atmosphere, leading to what is called “burning ice.” Overall, it has a crystalline structure that makes its interior fascinating. 

If we can ever travel quickly between stars, these two planets might be interesting to look at from the window, but you would never want to touch down on the surface!