These Ancient Technologies Have No Modern Explanation

If we keep an eye on the conventional view found in history books, we will come to know that the first homo sapiens appeared on this planet around 200,000 years ago, but if we specifically talk about advanced civilizations, they arrived some time in the past 10,000 years. For a modern perspective, electricity, running water in homes, and computers were only widely available within the past 50-100 years. We have always believed that technologically advanced items are only modern conveniences, but that might not truly be the case.

Out-of-place artifacts, otherwise known as Oopart, is a term that refers to prehistoric objects that we have identified as having some technological significance to that time, while having similarities to modern items. Many scientists try to offer an explanation for these items, and to claim that they aren’t what we think they are, but it is hard to ignore the sense of creativity and technology on display by some ancient cultures. 

Here are a few examples.

2000-Year-Old Batteries

It has been shown that a clay jar made of iron rods and asphalt stoppers may have had the capability to generate electricity. So who made such batteries in ancient times? We don’t have the answer, but the thing that you must know is that such jars were found in 1938 outside of Baghdad in Iraq by Wilhelm Konig, by a German archaeologist. According to him, these are completely odd and unique, and date back centuries to some unknown ancient culture.

Great Wall of Texas

The Great Wall of Texas that is also known as Rockwall Co., was discovered in 1852. It is a sturdy ancient rock wall that was built 400,000 years ago. Can you imagine? However, some say that it is completely a natural formation and on the other side, some are of the opinion that it is man-made.

Egyptian Light Bulb

Well, if you ever go to the Temple of Hathor at Dendera, Egypt, you will get to see many stone facing human figures holding a large light-like object. So, what does it indicate? Were Egyptians able to create light bulbs centuries ago? Even modern science does not have an explanation for this.

1.8 Billion Year Old Nuclear Reactor

Yes, you have seen it right. A French factory in 1972 imported uranium, which is in Africa’s Gabon Republic. They found that the uranium had been extracted well before they dug it up, and after that, they found the origin. They got to know that there was a large-scale nuclear reactor 1.8 billion years ago. It was active for around 500,000 years.

So, these are some ancient technologies that do not have any modern explanation.