How Technology Gaps Leave the Poor Behind

We cannot deny the fact that technology has made our lives more comfortable, and nowadays, technology has become more affordable as well as accessible. But research has shown that there is a vast gap between rich and poor when it comes to accessing computers and the internet. As a result, there is a technology gap that leaves the poor behind.

Technology Gap Theory

M.V. Posner developed the Technology Gap Theory model in 1961. It describes the advantages that a country enjoys because of the production of new goods and services that others can not match.  This can occur within a particular country, where groups of people who grew up with or now have access to technology give them a clear advantage in education and the workforce. When talking about other countries, a country with more exceptional technology can quickly corner every market, creating a type of monopoly, that makes it impossible for other countries to compete and build strong economies.

How Technology Gaps Affect the Poor

So, if we take the gist from this theory, we can clearly understand that access to technology is something that keeps the rich ahead of the poor, and this is why they are getting more advantages.


Due to the greater reach of technology, students in affluent schools receive more advantages. In the lowest-income areas, schools lack enough resources to put computers in classrooms, making it impossible for those students to acquire the same knowledge as students in wealthier areas who might use laptops or tablets as part of their daily learning.

Fewer Opportunities to Earn Money

When we are saying that technology is giving a new shape to the world, that means there is something unique in it. Technology is not only improving the quality of education but also opening the gates for new jobs. Businesses of all kinds are finding ways to incorporate technology into their operations. Most of them have to so they can remain competitive. For business leaders or people applying to a job, not having a grasp of how to use technology can make it difficult to get the job, or compete and grow.

Creating Different Ideologies

One of the most significant disadvantages of technology gaps is that it creates an ideological difference between rich and poor. If we talk about the rich, they get news and other similar information from authentic sources, and they think more logically. On the other side, poor people do not get proper sources, and therefore, misunderstandings and conflicts are often found in their lives. Ultimately, you can see that there are differences in ideologies between rich and poor.

Well, the technology gap is something that has endless negative aspects, so it must be mitigated as much as possible. Fortunately, government and private companies are coming together to enhance the reach of the internet for poor people.